Born in the Big War Time, hauled around from navy base to base on trains and buses, learned the first language from a loving mother, she pointing at things out windows or set on kitchen tables. Learned some social rules playing Tag and Kick the Can, loved what one can do with a ball or with pebbles at the pond.  Got an electric train one Christmas.  Went through the conveyor belt machinery and was a marketable package by age 22.  Took to kids in classrooms first, then wandered into more complicated systems full of simpler people.  Used to wear a coat and tie. Learned a few languages from new neighbors, never fully got the grammar straight.  Grew up around cowboys and indians, cows and horses, pipelines and pumpjacks.  Went west to find the fast lane, tried it and missed a few turns.  Supported Pat Brown over Reagan, Peace over War, Freedom over its symbols.  Got a pat on the back from Lenny Bruce, a world view from Robert MacAffee Brown.  Tina Turner and Patsy Cline revved my engines.  Dove into a Peace Corps posting in East African culture, food, languages, poverty, and diseases.  Somehow felt right at home.  Fell in love and had kids.  Pretty much a normal background if you take off the packaging.


3 Responses

  1. Finally had a moment to read your blog. Wonderful, stimulating mind pictures. Stream of conciousness. I want to paint your words but I am not sure if I know enough colors. Hope you are making money with this but if not it is the world’s loss…someone at The New Yorker would love this. Have you tried them?


  2. Thanks for sending your blog, reading your vibrant descriptive words took me back in time to those places I grew to love, a mini trip to the Africa I love – but the cost was like a “staycation”.!

  3. i hope you offer a subscribe by email option like feedblitz so non-geeks like me find it easier to get your fascinating posts in our in-box- truly

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